US Army Veteran, Student of Classical Archaeology,  Conservator of Classical Athenian culture and the culture of the Roman Republic and Empire

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I am a Californian by choice and Southern by the grace of God!  I was born in Alabama, raised in Florida and lived all around the world. My father was career Army so we traveled!  I’ve loved animals for as long as I remember. My family always had dogs when I was growing up. My bedroom was full of aquariums with snakes and other reptiles fresh from the swamp near our house in Jacksonville Florida.   Currently my wife and I have a Great Pyrenees named Emmy that we drove 1,852 miles to adopt.  Emmy is a Southern Belle, She was born in Mason Tennessee.  Please believe me when I say that I know how much your pets mean to you. Mine ARE and will always my family! They all deserve to be celebrated and memorialized just like any other family member, so I use my photography to capture and display their personalities forever in fine art photographs.


 After school I enlisted into the United States Army and soon after was recruited by Intelligence Security Command.   My first assignment was 12 months at a remote intelligence posting in eastern Turkey on the Black Sea (it has since been declassified so I am allowed now to show as well as tell you now).  

I semi-retired to San Diego in 2013.   I may be a Californian now but I have been able to maintain my southern charm (accent) and manners so far.


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