Classical Archaeological and Numismatic Services






CLASSICAL CONSERVATION: I offer professional numismatic and artifact conservation.  My method is modern, scientifically proven and used by top museums around the world.  Simply by their having been exposed to naturally occurring minerals and chemicals in the ground and water, virtually all recovered ancient coins and artifacts will require some degree of conservation to ensure future stability and protection.  Conservation may be used to remove active corrosions such as bronze disease.  Conservation may also be used to remove naturally occurring mineralization that obscures details. The removal of copper based compounds or silver chloride is routinely used procedures when conserving bronze and silver coins.  I finish the process by using a museum conservation polymer to reach Class A1 protection (500 years of protection).  If you would like to discuss conservation of a coin or artifact in your collection, please contact me.




EXAMINATION and AUTHENTICATION: I offer printed certification of Examination and Authentication service.   Not only is this service for peace of mind but in some cases may be required e.g., insurance documentation.

This raised seal certificate is backed by over 40 years of professional, scientific, classical numismatic and archaeological expertise.